Our Team

Dr. J.T. (Tom) Snell
President of Columbia College
child care center
Tom is one of the founders of Columbia College. He has extensive experience in education, including special education and completed a five year joint B.A., B.Ed. program. He has also since completed his Doctor in Higher Education (1995) at Nova Southeastern in Florida.

Tom is on several provincial committees, is active in community clubs and enjoys volunteer work.

Candy Tsoi
Candy has over 6 years of first hand experience in child care centres and over 4 years of experience in administrative work in child care settings. She completed her ELCC Diploma at Mount Royal University and was working as a Centre Director prior to joining the team at Columbia.

Candy enjoys watching children grow and learn.

Elvira Zyznomirshi
Assistant Director
Elvira has over 20 years of experience working in the Child Care field. She has completed the Daycare Training Program at the University of Calgary, her Level 3 Certification, and her First Aid.

She loves working with children because they are funny and innocent.

Beata Urbanczyk
Childcare Worker
Beata has worked in childcare for over 24 years. She joined Columbia in 2016. She has completed the Early Childhood Education certificate at Bow Valley College. Beata also constantly evolves her education through various certified workshops throughout the year. She is dedicated to provide play opportunities to help nurture and prosper the children at the Columbia College Day Care.

As an educator, her goal is to make sure that all of the children are enjoying their childhood to the fullest and have lots of fun while doing it.

Chandra Kala Prasai
Childcare Worker

Chandra has completed a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and has more than 5 years of experience working with children. She has completed the following workshops: Problem Solving with Young Children, Creative Messy Crafts, Using Sign Language as a Tool to Communicate, Inviting Young Children to Explore Process Art, Social Emotional Competence in Infants and Young Children, and Helping with Daily Transitions.

Chandra feels children represent the happiest of stage of life. She tries to use her skills and training to make them happier when they are learning and growing.

Krinal Patel
Childcare Worker
Krinal is new to the Child Care field. She works with the infant group. She has recently completed her Child Care Staff certification.

Krinal enjoys cooking and seeing the children appreciate and like the food.

Parvin Babaei
Childcare Worker
Parvin has completed a Master's degree in Educational Planning with remarkable academic credentials and more than 12 years of experience in the education area consisting of planning, monitor, teach and communicate with children and students. She joined Columbia College in 2016 and certificate of completion more than 20 workshops correspond to childhood area. She has her Early Childhood Educator level 2 and now she is continuing her education level 3 at Bow Valley College as well.

As an educator, she loves children and tries to incorporate fun and learning into the children’s curriculum.

Priti Shah
Childcare Worker
Priti started working at Columbia college childcare in the year 2016. She has completed multiple workshops in order to become a more efficient childminder. She uses different strategies in order to help children develop necessary skills and make learning a fun experience for them. Moreover, she ensures that a hygienic and healthy environment is maintained as child’s health hygiene and safety are her top priorities.In addition, maintaining a good relationship with the parents is also her priority.
Saliha Hadjeres
Childcare Worker
I am from Algeria. I have been in Canada since May 2003. I speak four languages - English, French, Arabic, and Berber. I have been working in the child care field for over 12 years. I like to keep a good environment for the children and build a great relationship with the parents.
Sara Arif
Childcare Worker
I am a Level 3 Childcare Supervisor. I have also completed computer training and the Alberta Food Safety Basics course and the Food Protection course. I can speak and write in English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, and Pashto.

Working with children is fun because no day is the same. My children motivate me to be a better person. Helping children is the most rewarding job. They are open and honest and keep me grounded the whole day. Every day brings me unexpected learning experiences.

Shukri Yousuf
Childcare Worker
Shukri has her Early Childhook Educator Level 3. She has also completed 2 years of College in Education. She has also completed a year of a Practical Nurse program in Canada. Shukri also has experience working with the elderly and individuals with disabilities.

Shukri enjoys being around children and has a natural interest in teaching children.